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Consulting Services

C2G Capital Management LLC (C2G) is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in Financial Planning. 

Financial planning is a process--the integrated, coordinated, ongoing management of an individual's financial concerns.

The "financial planner" is the quarterback, or coach, of the team of advisors.  The one who knows what everyone else on the team is doing and coordinates their efforts.  The planner is in the unique position of understanding all of the experts, coordinating their work, and translating for the client.  In a world of ever-increasing financial complexity, more and more people seek the assistance of someone who can focus on and keep up with the changes that affect them.  This person is the financial planner.
Our consulting services cover all aspects of one's financial concerns and below are some typical areas we provide services on:

  1. Retirement Planning: analyze goals, asset/ liabilities, develop strategies to improve quality of life and maintain it later in life.  Managing distributions: Pensions, inheritance, personal assets from IRA's etc.  Advising on adequate medical and nursing care.  Projecting impact of earlier or later retirement age.
  2. Investment Planning: asset diversification, risk analysis, emphasis on long-term results.  Creating a cash reserve, buying a home for use or vacation/rental, managing debt, developing a sound investment portfolio.
  3. Tax Planning: analyze tax ramifications, recommend tax strategies to return more money to client. " Tax deferred investments accumulate more wealth than taxed rate of returns".   Tax preparation at discount prices for clients.
  4. College Planning: Cost analysis, 529 plans, Educational IRA's, strategies to maximize funding, insight to potential grants/scholarships.  Accumulating money for educational expenses for future job opportunities.
  5. Estate Planning: Critical but most over-looked area of a persons life, avoid hardships for surviving spouse and family, make sure you leave this earth with the piece of mind of knowing your affairs are in order, avoid federal and state taxation of estate. 
  6. Risk Management: Protecting your ability to pay your mortgage.  Replacing earning power if disabled, avoid asset erosion resulting from confinement to a long term care facility.