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We specialize in helping people make smart choices about their money!

C2G Capital Management LLC, is a consulting firm which specializes in total financial planning for families, business executives, and military and government personnel.  Our company is an exclusive group of professionals who provide complete and objective one on one financial advice to the individual client.  By aligning what is important to the client with their goals we develop a Financial Road Map to help our clients Live a Life on Purpose. 
Our company logo has strong meaning: First one would notice the Pyramid, a symbol of great strength, it is also a symbol on the reverse side of the United States dollar bill.  The Pyramid exists because of its strong base and careful building of its foundation, as is the case in any sound financial plan. At the base of the Pyramid the words: "In God We Trust", for we are mere stewards of wealth and through His hand and wisdom we apply such stewardship.  Additionally, those same words are found on all United States currency.  The Pyramid is un-capped, signifying are work is never done, our financial affairs will require constant maintenance.  Inside the capstone you have the all-seeing eye, an ancient symbol of divinity.  The eye represents a keen sense of awareness over your financial pyramid.  The capstone a top of the pyramid surrounded by a divine beam of light demonstrates the possibilities and prosperity the future beholds.  The sacrificial cross runs deep throughout our life, one does not achieve greatness without sacrifice.  The scales at each end of the cross represent the need to have balance in our lives, justice and equality.  The American Bald Eagle hovers above, for he is not afraid of a storm, he is strong, and smart enough to soar above it.  The American Indian revered the feathers of the eagle as symbols of courage and commitment, and traditionally were worn by their Chiefs. These are the core values of C2G Capital Management LLC.